Monday, September 13, 2010

El Hennawy Melon

 So I got this stuff for free with a purchase from to review it. Medium cut, great flavor, of course it's one of those "melon" flavors that tastes like cantaloupe. It's not too wet and is made to be a contender to the regular Nakhla line so it is very similar in that aspect. This would be the kind of shisha with which you can try the overpack packing method. One of the things that surprised me most, and what others might not like about it, is for some reason, maybe due to a mixing of flavors from my black tea, the smoke started to taste like butter to me. I'm no fatty but it was quite interesting. It's a shisha that's cheap as hell as in 4-5 bucks for 250gs and it has great flavor if you know how to pack it. 9/10 for taste, 9/10 for clouds, 9/10 for smoothness = 9/10.


  1. Comparing this to the Nakhla review, I will have to try this out.

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  4. Bleh, tobacco is tobacco, even if you put actually healthy stuff around it.

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