Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aluminum foil or Screen?

From my experience aluminum foil is definitely the way to go. The only use of screens I have so far is for creating a cushion of air on a fruit bowl so that the apple or pear does not caramelize as quickly. The best aluminum foil to use is Reynolds HD or regular Reynolds but two-fold. You may ask "Why?" well because using only one layer of cheap foil would give the shisha more heat and it would singe and/or burn faster. The key to big clouds and great flavor is heat management and with double the protection you cannot go wrong!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mixes you ask?!

I call shisha that i use specifically for mixing..."mixers" It's shisha that I would never smoke by itself. Of these I would call: Mizo Mint, Nakhla Vanilla, Nakhla Lemon. These are the flavors that go pretty much good with anything. The mint adds to the cool, the vanilla makes the smoke smoother and the lemon adds a sour kick. My highest recomendations for combos would be:
1. Cherry Vanilla
2. Peach Lemon
3. Peach Mint
4. Grape Vanilla
5. Lemon Mint

That would be my top 5, if you guys want a bigger list of good combos, feel free to say so and I'll add more!

Current favorite flavor?

El Basha Grape from Nakhla...it's washed tobacco so it lacks the heavy nicotine buzz which i hate anyway. When you smell it, it has a cranberry/wine scent and it tastes absolutely delicious if set up properly.

Where to buy?

As much as I love supporting the little guys I would suggest ordering online from hookah-shisha.com or hookahset.com. Both have great deals all the time and their prices are cheap. They also offer free shipping after a certain price requirement has been fulfilled. Definitely check them out.

Next post will be about some of my own personal shisha recommendations and favorites.

Addiction to hookah?

From my own experience, although the nicotine levels in shisha is much much lower than that in cigarettes there are a few brands that make black shisha with a higher content percentage of nicotine. People that smoke black shisha usually don't bother with foil as they are people from the "old country." Even at a 0.5% nicotine average, washed tobacco shisha is quite addicting for some. Somebody I know has constant urges to smoke constantly...nothing on the level of cigarettes but still having urges is not all that great. I only smoke occasionally whenever I watch a show or a movie so I don't feel the need that I HAVE to smoke. On that note, I will never smoke cigarettes.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Namoor Hoses

Hopefully I will be able to pick up a Namoor hose soon. Rave reviews from everywhere including hookahpro.com...tried one at a friend's house and the pull was absolutely effortless. Definitely a piece worth having in my collection as it is time to change my shitty washable vinyl clear hose.

What a beauty!

My Khalid Mamoon

I just bought a new Khalid Mamoon last week, 26 inches tall with a blue vase that matches my room. Currently working on getting a namoor hose and a vortex bowl. Currently smoking nakhla double apple out of an egyptian bowl and a film canister diffuser. Boy is this great.

New Blog

This is basically a new blog for hookah. I myself am a hookah enthusiast and I love smoking all the time. This blog is basically about how to set up properly, some Do-it-yourself tutorials and what items to buy and where from! Stay tuned! :D