Monday, August 30, 2010

Addiction to hookah?

From my own experience, although the nicotine levels in shisha is much much lower than that in cigarettes there are a few brands that make black shisha with a higher content percentage of nicotine. People that smoke black shisha usually don't bother with foil as they are people from the "old country." Even at a 0.5% nicotine average, washed tobacco shisha is quite addicting for some. Somebody I know has constant urges to smoke constantly...nothing on the level of cigarettes but still having urges is not all that great. I only smoke occasionally whenever I watch a show or a movie so I don't feel the need that I HAVE to smoke. On that note, I will never smoke cigarettes.


  1. what your favorite flavor

    i just got into it i use a cherry mint mix
    havnt really found a good store for more sisha selection

  2. Hookah's are way intense.
    And every experience I have had with one has be a amazing one.