Monday, August 30, 2010

Mixes you ask?!

I call shisha that i use specifically for mixing..."mixers" It's shisha that I would never smoke by itself. Of these I would call: Mizo Mint, Nakhla Vanilla, Nakhla Lemon. These are the flavors that go pretty much good with anything. The mint adds to the cool, the vanilla makes the smoke smoother and the lemon adds a sour kick. My highest recomendations for combos would be:
1. Cherry Vanilla
2. Peach Lemon
3. Peach Mint
4. Grape Vanilla
5. Lemon Mint

That would be my top 5, if you guys want a bigger list of good combos, feel free to say so and I'll add more!


  1. Mint and coffee. Mmh, that's the stuff.

    Also, a friend and I once experimented with replacing the water in the pipe with other liquids. Some may recommend strong spirits, but we decided against wasting that much money on something we'd rather drink.

    We made one positive discovery: coca cola with mint shisha. Oh, hell yeah.

    Imagine, if you will, the minty taste of the shisha, and the feel of something carbonated tickling your throat. It was AWESOME

  2. only carbonated drink we liked inside was dr. pepper. Usually if you have to add something to your vase, youre not preparing it good enough or the brand of shisha youre buyin is bad :P

  3. i cant stand cherry tobacco makes me cringe to think about it

  4. Oh, we didn't HAVE to add, we just felt like experimenting and found something we liked.